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Football Today

Nov 30, 2020

Sometimes in football you get a moment or a story that seems like it was taken out of a Hollywood script.
With Ryan Reynolds' and Rob McElhenny's recent takeover of Wrexham, the roles are being reversed. Now, Hollywood is ready to call the shots in football.
Today we ask, why are Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElneny really buying Wrexham?


Will Magee (@W_F_Magee) is a freelance journalist who has worked for Vice, the Mirror, and the i newspaper. For more information on Wrexham’s takeover, I recommend his recent article for Vice

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The music for this episode was provided under the Creative Commons license by Blue Dot Sessions.

‘Via Verre’ by Blue Dot Sessions

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Clips Used: The Colbert Show, The Emirates FA Cup, Wrexham AFC Twitter, Sky Sports, NBCSN