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Football Today

Nov 26, 2020

Ligue 1, France’s top footballing division, is widely considered to be the worst of the top five leagues in Europe. The league’s management, though, have been working hard to change this.

One avenue open to leagues looking to improve their profile is increasing their broadcast revenue. In 2018, Ligue 1 did this by moving from Canal+ to Mediapro as the leading rights holder for the league.

In October, though, Mediapro failed to produce a scheduled 172 million Euro payment to the league, throwing French football into turmoil.

In this episode, we ask: what impact will Mediapro’s row with Ligue 1 have on the broadcast rights market?


Murad Ahmed (@muradahmed) is the sports editor of the Financial Times.

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The music for this episode was provided under the Creative Commons license by Blue Dot Sessions.

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