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Football Today

Oct 15, 2020

Back in April, Bayern Munich were playing a game and losing…

If that weren’t already remarkable enough, that 1-0 loss to Kaiserslautern was actually enough to see them win the league title.

As you might have guessed, this was not Hansi Flick’s Bayern Munich, but Sebastien Hoeness’ Bayern Munich Zwei - Bayern’s B-Team. 

But having won the Dritte Liga, Bayern Zwei had got as high as they could go. Even Bayern’s reserves had become uncompetitive.

Over in England, the debate over B-Teams rages on.

With coronavirus pushing the pyramid to the limit, solutions to the problem of English football are rife. The call for B-Teams is back.

In this episode, we ask: are B-Teams really the solution to English football’s problems?


James Cave (@jaycave14) is the co-founder of Against League 3 (@AgainstLeague3) a media channel that raises awareness on lower league issues.

Matt Ford (@matt_4d) is a freelance journalist who covers German football and fan culture for DW Sports and others.

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The music for this episode was provided under the Creative Commons license by Blue Dot Sessions.

Sunday Lights - Onesuch Village

Gullwing Sailor - Migration

Felt Lining - The Cabinetmaker

Vik Fence Haflak - The Fence

Paving Stones - The Contessa

Boston Landing - Skittle

Relay 7 - Marble Run

Peacetime - TinyTiny Trio