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Football Today

Nov 16, 2020

If you go back to the mid-2000s which was the coolest football team in the world?

Was it Mourinho's Chelsea? Maybe Fergie's United or Madrid's Galacticos? Or possibly Ancelotti's Milan?

For me and millions others, there was only one answer…. It was the Brazilian national team

Brazil had it all. It had the Nike 'Joga Bonito’ commercials, it had the likes of Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, and Ronaldo, it had the step overs, and of course, it had the classic yellow shirts.

It was mesmerizing and millions around the world agreed. Within a decade the Brazilian national team would be touring the world entertaining fans from Switzerland to Singapore.

But all good things in life come at a cost.

Today, we ask: Are Brazilian fans falling out love with their national team?


Joshua Law (@JoshuaMLaw) is a freelance writer and was previously an editor of Yellow and Green football, which focuses on Brazilian football.

Steve Menary (@MenarySteve) is a freelance journalist and contributes to World Soccer and When Saturday Comes.

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Clips used: Nike, Fox Sports, FIFA, ESPN Classic