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Football Today

Aug 24, 2020

Data. As the world evolves data is becoming increasingly important. Performance data, medical data, tracking data, financial data, the list seems to never end. In football, players' personal data is increasing at a seemingly exponential rate. 

But who owns this data? Who is responsible for holding it? And who can make money on it commercially? Ex-manager Russell Slade, 400 players and a global sports company are seeking to find out. The group are preparing to sue gaming and betting companies over the use of player data.

Today we explain Project Red Card and what it means for the future of data in football.


Richard Dutton is the director of the data advisory company Elias Partnership which is consulting Project Red Card.

Mike Clohisy is the President of Beasy- Blockchain made easy and has worked as a sports lawyer in the United States for more than 25 years.

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