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Football Today

Nov 19, 2020

When the most recent Premier League season kicked off, Leicester City fans could have been forgiven for being worried about their defence.

Little did they know it was going to get worse before it got better.

But rather than slipping away, Leicester now find themselves top of the table eight games into the season. And many of the accolades have gone to one man…

In this episode, we ask: who is Wesley Fofana? And how important is he for Leicester City?


Rob Tanner (@RobTannerLCFC) covers Leicester City for The Athletic.

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The music for this episode was provided under the Creative Commons license by Blue Dot Sessions.

The Summit by K2

Junca by Orange Cat

Highway 94  by  Truck Stop

Cases to Rest by Bodytonic

Cicle Veroni by Cicle Kadde

Wahre by Cloud Harbour

Peacetime by TinyTiny Trio