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Football Today

Oct 26, 2020

If you were in a coma for the last month, you might be waking up today, wondering what in the world has happened to football. 

On the pitch, Everton is top of table, Aston Villa is in the top four and both Manchester clubs are in the bottom half of the table.

Off the pitch, Premier League games are being played on PPV, people are talking about something called Project Big Picture, there are suggestions of B-teams in the lower leagues, hundred-year-old clubs are on the brink of financial ruin and a European Super League is being discussed. 

October has been one of the craziest months, in the craziest year, in recent history. But the year is nearly finished and 2020 has seen the game transformed in unimaginable ways.

Today, we zoom out and look at the wider trends in football and ask: what is the state of football in 2020?


David Goldblatt(@Davidsgoldblatt) is an author, journalist, historian, and academic. His latest book is The Age of Football: The Global Game in the 21st Century.

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