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Football Today

Apr 15, 2021

Back in March, the Confederation of African Football had just elected a new president, Patrice Motsepe.

Given Motsepe was Gianni Infantino’s candidate, it was inevitable that the President of FIFA would be there to celebrate his candidate’s win.

Sure enough, a photo appeared on Twitter of Infantino with the CEO of Tanzanian club Simba SC, Barbara Gonzalez.

But it was the words of the tweet that caused the stir:

It was great catching up with FIFA President, Gianni Infantino on the sidelines of the CAF Elections 2021. The rollout of the African Super League with 20 permanent member clubs is underway.

In this episode, we ask: is an African Super League realistic? And how would it impact African football?


Gary Al-Smith (@garyalsmith) is an African football expert who appears on Joy 99.7 FM and whose work can be found on the BBC, Al Jazeera, the Guardian, CNN, the Blizzard, the New York Times and elsewhere.

Matt Slater (@mjshrimper) is a football news reporter at The Athletic.

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