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Football Today

Apr 23, 2020

One day in October 2018, a journalist - Jamal Khashoggi - went into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Instanbul. He would never come out.

Although Saudi Arabia rigorously denied it, it soon became evident that Khashoggi had been killed in an assassination most likely sanctioned by the crown prince - Mohammed bin Salman.

Less than two years later, Mohammed bin Salman is back in the news.

Heading up a consortium to buy Newcastle United off Mike Ashley, the man known more colloquially as MBS finds himself following the footsteps of his mentor MBZ - Mohammed bin Zayed, the owner of Manchester City.

In this episode, we ask: who is Mohammed bin Salman? And why is he buying Newcastle United?


Nicholas McGeehan (@NcGeehan) is a human rights activist and researcher

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