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Football Today

Jan 25, 2021

The best two English teams in the last several years have been Liverpool and Manchester City. On the field and off it they are seen as the among best in the country. However, in one department Liverpool has recently had a distinct advantage. Due to the work of Ian Graham Liverpool are widely considered league leaders in their use of data science. But that might be about to change. 
It appears Manchester City is building a data science department to rival Liverpool's. Last week Training Ground Guru reported that Manchester City hired Laurie Shaw as their new Lead AI Scientist, their fourth data-driven hire within a year. 
Today we ask: can Manchester City overtake Liverpool in English football's data race?
Paul Neilson (@pjneilson) is the Director of Performance at SkillCorner, which provides data services to the Football industry. He was formerly the Head of Performance Lab at Prozone. 
Simon Austin (@sport_simon) is the founder of Training Ground Guru, which is a website that reports on the teams behind the teams in professional football. He is also a co-host with Josh on the Training Ground Guru podcast.
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