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Football Today

Apr 8, 2021

On Saturday Lille beat PSG 1-0 to take a 3 point lead atop the Ligue 1 table. If they pull it off, it would their first Ligue 1 title since 2011. But their journey has been far from straightforward. Since 2013 they've had 9 different managers and 3 different owners. Furthermore, before the club was sold in December of 2020 it was at risk of insolvency.

Today we ask: is this the end of PSG's dominance?


David Gass (@empiregass) is a freelance broadcaster who is a regular contributor to Extra Time Radio and A Football Podcast. He also regularly commentates on MLS, college soccer, and elsewhere.

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The music for this episode was provided under the Creative Commons license by Blue Dot Sessions.

Great Great Lengths’ by Blue Dot Sessions

‘Peacetime’ by Blue Dot Sessions