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Football Today

Jul 23, 2020

When Albert Celades was sacked at the end of June, everyone thought it was just another chapter in the story of Peter Lim’s ownership of Valencia.

However, over in Singapore, Lim’s daughter, Kim, fired up her Instagram and began typing.

"Some Valencia fans are scolding and cursing at my family and I. Don't they get it? The club is ours and we can do anything we want with it. Deal with it."

Since Peter Lim took over the club, the ups and downs have been vertiginous. But things seem to have reached a new low at the Mestalla.

With rumours that a large number of the squad could be sold off in a summer fire sale, we ask: Is Valencia a club in crisis?


Pål Ødegård (@paalpot75) is a Norwegian journalist whose work on football politics can be found in Josimar.

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